NetXL are officially Ubiquiti enterprise wireless admin certified

NetXL are officially Ubiquiti enterprise wireless admin certified

29 Nov 2017 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

We have been accredited as Ubiquiti Unifi Enterprise Wireless Admins. Contact us for considered buying advice when building your enterprise WiFi networks.

We are pleased to announce that we are officially Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) certified. You can deal with us in confidence for all your Ubiquiti needs and requirements. As a result of our Ubiquiti Training Academy schooling, we have gained valuable up-to-date training and expert knowledge of Ubiquiti products.

Through our training we have a thorough overview of WLAN, RF and Antenna fundamentals, WLAN planning, comprehensive UniFi configuration, advanced adoption techniques, and guest portal and hotspot integration amongst other useful insights.

As fully qualified and certified Ubiquiti UniFi administrators, we are able to project and quote home, office and enterprise wireless network solutions for you. We can also offer advice and know-how when you are installing or configuring enterprise WLAN equipment and building cost-effective Wireless LANs when using Ubiquiti UniFi equipment.

We offer a number of Ubiquiti products and solutions on our website, ranging from WiFi access points in the shape of UniFi AC Lite and Unifi AC Pro WiFi access points, through to managed PoE switches such as the UniFi 16 port 150W switch. These products offer innovative and cost-effective networking solutions for businesses, stores and schools whatever their size. Should you need any advice or help when setting up WLANs for yourself or your clients, you can be rest assured that we will be able to offer you knowledgeable and considered support.

Whether it's a small, medium or large wireless project, we can help with the fundamentals of WiFi and how best to build that network. Plus, as UniFi certified administrators we will have the lowdown on Ubiquiti's latest technologies. Need to improve the speed, latency or overall performance of your WLAN deployment? We can help to ensure you have the right hardware for the job.

Get in touch today for any Ubiquiti hardware recommendations or advice on maximising your network efficiency.

NetXL are officially Ubiquiti enterprise wireless admin certified