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  • Poynting ADPT-24 Universal Modem to Antenna Coupler, 698 - 2700 MHz.

    Poynting's ADPT-24 adaptor consists of a flat plastic pad with a 50 cm cable that terminates in a SMA (female) connector. The plastic sleeve, that looks similar to a cellphone battery, encloses a device that is able to couple to a cellphone and divert it to a booster antenna thereby ensuring better reception.
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    Poynting ADPT-24 Antenna

    The pad of the ADPT-24 coupler is placed against the top of the phone. (The coupler is supplied with a small piece of Velcro that you can use to ensure a more secure connection to your phone). You then connect the other end of the coupler to one of our booster antennas via the SMA (female) connector. The booster antenna can be mounted on the outside of a building and pointed in the direction of your closest cellular base station to ensure good reception.

    Product Dimensions (L x W x D): 80 mm x 45 mm x 15 mm

    A-ADPT-024-V2 Key Highlights

    • Future proof wideband LTE antenna and Wi-Fi operational frequencies
    • Compatible with 4G, 3G and 2G technologies
    • Improves mobile network subscriber's user experience
    • Increased connectivity stability
    • Weather and vandal resistant
    • Used in extreme weather environments


    • Weak signal areas where there is little or no cell phone connection
    • Connecting 3G/HSDPA data card and GSM/UMTS/3G mobile phones to a high gain antenna as to improved range and communication
    • Ideal for farmers, lodges, holiday resorts or anyone that depends on communication in the rural areas

    What's in the Box?

    • Antenna: A-ADPT-024-V2
    • Mounting Bracket: Velcro
    • Cable Length: 0.5 M
  • Price Breaks

    • 1 = £14.94 inc VAT

    • 5+ = £14.43 inc VAT

    • 10+ = £13.91 inc VAT

    Availability: 1 In Stock


    Manufacturer Part Number: ADPT-24

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