New Poynting XPOL-2-5G antennas now available

New Poynting XPOL-2-5G antennas now available

6 Nov 2019 | 2 min read

Quick Summary

Find about the latest additions to Poynting's new third generation XPOL-2-5G cellular band MIMO antenna.

Poynting's new XPOL-2-5G LTE MIMO antenna looks exactly the same as the XPOL-2 antenna but with twice the power. The XPOL-2-5G will supercharge your internet speed whether you are using 3G, 4G/LTE or 5G, irrespective of which mobile network operator or router you use.

Don't worry, the XPOL-2 and XPOL-2-5G will co-exist

The existing XPOL-2 antenna has become known as benchmark for design and quality.

Due to the high market demand, Poynting will continue producing the XPOL-2 antenna (V2) and additionally introduce new XPOL-2-5G model (V3). This provides customers options of the existing XPOL-2 LTE antenna or the 5G ready version.

Differentiating factors of the XPOL-2-5G

The new XPOL-2-5G version, is the next generation antenna due to the innovative technology, enhanced efficiency and RF performance. It offers 2x2 MIMO performance from 698MHz through 3800MHz. Poynting used advanced metamaterial technology, making use of Artificial Magnetic Conductors (AMC) and new patent radiator configuration, which yields exceptional improvements in bandwidth and gain.

In addition to the new 3400MHz to 3800MHz frequency bands, the antenna gain in the 1700MHz and 2700MHz is around 2 to 3dB higher than the "V2" over the same frequency bands. Poynting's "V2" antenna already outperforms most competitors over these bands, so the substantial gain improvement in “V3” version shows the benefits of the new advanced materials and novel radiator design. From an LTE/5G user perspective, this translates to better throughput experienced by the end customer and lower C/I (Carrier to Interference ratio) for the operator, thereby enhancing network capacity and available throughput for subscribers.

The XPOL-2-5G is now available for purchase

The XPOL-2-5G LTE antenna is now available for purchase from the NetXL online store, where you can additionally browse a vast range of our antennas at

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New Poynting XPOL-2-5G antennas now available