Why Choose NetXL As Your Ubiquiti Distributor?

Why Choose NetXL As Your Ubiquiti Distributor?

23 Jan 2021 | 8 min read

Quick Summary

Apply for a Trade Account today to source Ubiquiti network products for yourself or your clients with credit or with special pricing

Ubiquiti products are a NetXL customer favourite - and for good reason. Whether you or your customers are a business looking for a powerful, reliable WiFi solution, are home users looking to supercharge your WiFi experience, or are entrepreneurs looking to become an ISP and provide better connectivity to your local community, you can bet that Ubiquiti has the products you need to bring your networking goals to fruition.

With such a broad product range catering to such a wide variety of customers and use cases, it can be easy to let exciting products fall through the cracks and, with them, exciting opportunities.  Today we’ll walk you through why NetXL represents your best destination for purchasing Ubiquiti products online, as well as delve into some detail around Ubiquiti’s product ranges and how those you’re unfamiliar with could be well-suited to your next installation.

Why NetXL for Ubiquiti Distribution?

Not only does NetXL offer some of the most competitive pricing in the UK across Ubiquiti’s entire range, but we also offer volume pricing for all of the products we stock.  What’s more, we even offer additional special terms for our Trade Account customers.  That means, even if you’ve seen prices for Ubiquiti products cheaper elsewhere, giving us a call and requesting Trade Account terms could mean the best prices you’ll find anywhere.  Plus, the more you buy the more you save!

Though NetXL is one of the leading Amazon sellers of Ubiquiti products too, it’s always cheaper to buy with us directly.  If you’ve been buying from Amazon, it’s worth checking to see if we’re your seller.  If we are, make the switch and shop direct!  You’ll save money and still benefit from the fantastic service you’re used to us supplying through Amazon’s storefront.

When it comes to delivery, NetXL provides a next working day delivery option with a 7 pm courier collection.  With such a generous order cut-off, even those last-minute orders can arrive with you the very next day.

Finally, with three Ubiquiti-certified engineers in the NetXL office, our own in-house expertise of Ubiquiti products means we can talk knowledgeably with installers, IT consultants and other industry professionals.  Whilst it helps to know we can keep up with the tech-heads out there, we’re also capable of advising those who aren’t so sure what they need, so never hesitate to get in touch, no matter your experience or level of knowledge.

Remember, if you hold a Trade Account with us, you can take advantage of your special terms to get these products at even better prices or on credit.  And, if you don’t, but think you’d be eligible or are interested in more details, give us a ring anytime and we’d be happy to discuss our Trade Account options with you.

The Ubiquiti Product Line

Ubiquiti AmpliFi

Ubiquiti’s Amplifi line-up is built with the demanding home user in mind. From plug-and-play, no-thought-required solutions like the AmpliFi Instant, a router and wireless access point that can give you faster WiFi in just 2 minutes, to infinitely scalable MESH solutions like the AmpliFi HD MESH router and MESH point combo, there’s a solution for everyone.  No matter whether the home in question is a one-bedroom flat or a five-bathroom luxury estate, Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi range has the products for you.



The AmpliFi HD Mesh Router with 2 x Mesh Points

For IT consultants advising a property developer or commissioning customer on the best setup for their new build, Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi range represents a selection of home network hardware that can deliver stable, super-fast WiFi usually common only with the priciest of business-grade hardware.  What’s more, AmpliFi provides all of its perks without requiring the user to acquaint herself with a complex network management system; as discussed, the AmpliFi line is plug-and-play.  What little configuration is necessary is taken care of via a simple and intuitive smartphone app, so if a surly teenager is the best in-house bet for tech know-how, they’ll be capable of managing the network themselves.

Ubiquiti UniFi

For power users or enterprises actively seeking the extra insight and control that a network management system offers, Ubiquiti’s UniFi range is the perfect recommendation. If you install your clients’ products as well as consult on them, the UniFi range represents a more complete service to upsell your clients on vs the AmpliFi range.


UniFi UAP-AC-PRO Access Points

As a Ubiquiti distributor, the UniFi line is NetXL's bestselling Ubiquiti range.  Well suited for businesses and demanding home users alike, the UniFi line-up's greatest advantage might be the UniFi Network Controller; a hugely flexible network management system that allows for remote, multi-site management including remotely deployed firmware updates, traffic and device monitoring, and detailed usage reports. If you need advanced network administration features, UniFi is the Ubiquiti line for you.

When it comes to further network management features, Guest Portals can be configured from the Controller too and you can get as granular as you like. Public and private networks can exist side-by-side with a single hardware configuration. From there, set bandwidth limits or even charge people for the use of your network, with modern, social media login options through the use of a Facebook or Google account, for example.

What’s more, the UniFi line offers management for more devices than just routers, switches and wireless access points. Alongside powerful standalone units like the UniFi UAP-AC-PRO, the UniFi line features top-of-the-line IP security cameras, again making it perfect for businesses and discerning home users looking to add an extra layer of security to their property.  Powerful units like the UniFi UVC-G3-BULLET are PoE powered, capable of recording in 1080p at 30fps and fully manageable via the UniFi network management controller. If you’re a network installer or IT consultant, these UniFi IP cameras represent a great opportunity to upsell and expand the service you provide. A single camera is unlikely to be all any client needs, so you’ll naturally be able to pitch multiple units.


Ubiquiti’s UniFi UVC-G3-PRO IP Surveillance camera

The Ultimate Upsell: Lithe Audio

In addition to managed devices and IP surveillance cameras, whether you’re installing home or business networking hardware, an oft-overlooked opportunity presents itself in the form of a wireless audio system.

Music played either at home or in the office keeps guests entertained. For those particularly valuable new hire prospects and potential business partners, some aural entertainment in the lobby and reception areas might make all the difference in making your clients’ business the one that is remembered and, ultimately, chosen by those high-level candidates.

For home users, those who want to be accompanied by their favourite tunes whilst cooking Sunday dinner can do so hands-free. Bluetooth models are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Nest and other smart assistants and smart home products, meaning favourite playlists can be played and paused on-voice-command through speakers far more capable than small, under-driven smart speakers; highly useful for when you’re chopping the chicken. Your newly installed WiFi network ensures that music can be streamed in the highest quality with great stability too, with Lithe Audio’s WiFi speaker models.

Perhaps most importantly to our Trade Account customers and to installers, Lithe Audio wireless ceiling speakers. have rapidly become a new favourite due to their extremely simple, four-step installation process that makes retrofitting these speakers a breeze.  The simple installation process means minimal additional training or work on-site for you, the installer, in exchange for greater return per job done.


Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker

There’s nothing to stop the DIY-savvy end-user from installing Lithe Audio ceiling speakers themselves, either and, available in both Bluetooth 5.0 and Airplay 2-compatible WiFi variants, with IP-rated options available for bathrooms and other humid environments, you can install them wherever you want your music to play.

With their kevlar woofer and titanium tweeter,  Lithe Audio speakers offer an awesomely responsive, high-fidelity sound experience whilst the built-in amplifier makes possible a super-simple installation process that any installer or DIY-er will feel confident taking on.


Whether you’re an installer, IT consultant or end consumer, if you’re interested in optimising a network, Ubiquiti has a product for you. For our trade customers, key upsell opportunities present themselves in the AmpliFi and UniFi lines of products, especially with the UniFi Protect range of IP surveillance cameras.

Lithe Audio’s wireless ceiling speakers are an excellent addition to any home or business network. Whether Bluetooth- or WiFi-connected, Lithe Audio speakers are easy to install and even easier to use. Whether it’s a business’ reception area, newly capable of playing soothing, ambient music to waiting guests, or a smart new audio system for a homeowner excited to throw her housewarming party, Lithe Audio wireless ceiling speakers are an excellent accompaniment to any Ubiquiti network installation.

All of the products discussed in this article are available for purchase from NetXL.  If you don’t have existing Trade Account terms with us and think you might be eligible, contact us to discuss your options; we’d love to hear from you.

Why Choose NetXL As Your Ubiquiti Distributor?